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Who we are:

My Name is Jessica. I go by Bosslady to some, mainly my right hand man, and life partner, Guy. We have about 1000 kids with an 18 year range span. 

Guy and I are Orange County, CA (USA) locals. 

Guy and I love spending time with the kids and growing our brands. Guy also is an artist and works with several companies on the side on his down time, after working his 9-5 as a lineman.

I decided a few years back, that I wanted to do something more with my life. One day... I would be a business owner and I would change the world. Soooo... maybe I haven't changed the world yet...but I've changed MY world. 

Back in March of 2016, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yeah... kind of a shocker for someone who isn't a smoker. In the following month on April 19th I had most of my left lung removed, and luckily escaped needing any additional treatments. I currently remain cancer free, and am living my life to the fullest!

Our little family truly thanks everyone for their support throughout the years of our family businesses.

We love all of you.

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